Life University

The Place to be to create a life filled with Meaning & Driven by Purpose

Life University - Challenging beliefs, Shifting mental paradigms & Transforming Lives

A school that will help you prepare for the New Normal.

As humanity collectively transitions into the New world, the post - Covid world, YOU have an opportunity of a life- time RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW.

You can create the New Normal by challenging your existing paradigms of success and well - being and re - defining them. You can choose to be the Creators of you own Future and Masters of your life. 

At Life University, we help you do that through powerful programs that help you recognise your dysfunctional beliefs, useful frameworks that help you discover your Purpose and transformative ideas for Personal Growth that allow you to redesign your life on the highest standards - standards that YOU set for yourself.

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don't just embrace the new normal, create it now!

Why fit in when we are born to stand out?

Here's what we believe makes us unique - 

Our Story - which defies all traditional beliefs about work, success, money and well - being
Our Focus - which is NOT on upskilling but on awakening what we are born with and haven't been able to use
Our Methodology - Being mainly a virtual school, we focus on adapting extremely simple learning formats that make learning fun, engaging & easy.