Building Resilience

The Path to Emotional Freedom

Resilience is no longer optional, it is mandatory. Like any other skill, it can be learnt, practiced and built. Discover a practical approach to face your fears and sail through adversity with courage & confidence.

Here is what you will learn from this course:

  • Specific behaviours and practices to build resilience
  • Understand Mindfulness as a tool to build resilience
  • Practice the art of Mindful Living
  • Develop Learning Agility to build resilience
  • Face your fears and develop the courage to sail through adversity

Course Fee per attendee:

INR 2100/- INR 1599 /-

Build Courage, Confidence & Conviction

to sail through adversity and bounce back with renewed spirit & vigour

Course Fee per person :

Special Introductory Offer

INR 1599/-

Course Curriculum

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  • Behaviours to Build Resilience
Behaviour 1 - Mindful Living
  • What is Mindfulness
  • Understanding Resilience
  • The science behind negative emotions
  • Mindfulness as a tool to Build Resilience
  • Practicing Mindfulness in Daily Life
  • Mindfulness Commentary for PAUSE
  • Relaxation Commentary
Behaviour 2 - Be Solution Oriented
  • Grow your Circle of Influence
  • Take Personal Responsibility
  • Guided Meditation - Being Solution Oriented
Behaviour 3 - Develop Learning Agility
  • How to develop Learning Agility
  • How to make Learning stick
Behaviour 4 - Be Biased to Action
  • Take Conscious Action to overcome adversity

Sail through any adversity with courage, conviction & confidence and emerge victorious!

Embark on a profound learning journey to Build Resilience and become truly Future Ready.

Micro Learning Video bytes that are easy to consume

Specific Behaviours to build resilience

Progress Trackers & Worksheets

Inspiring personal stories of Resilience

Easy to apply frameworks that can be adapted to any situation

Guided Meditation & Mindfulness commentaries

About Ranjana

Ranjana is a Leadership Development Consultant & Personal Growth Facilitator for over 15 years. She has designed, delivered thousands of programs & retreats and coached several leaders & professionals from all walks of life across India & Asia.

Her decade long experience as a Spiritual teacher coupled with a  background in Industrial Psychology allows her to skilfully blend spiritual principles with science and modern management theories in her courses & workshops. She also specialises in experiential learning methodologies and uses multiple learning tools in her courses to make learning effective & impactful. 

Ranjana co - founded Life University to serve as a vehicle to fulfil her purpose which is to help urban professionals & students across the globe to lead Purpose - Driven, Meaningful lives.

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