What you will learn from the course:

  • A powerful 3 - step framework to help you discover your life Purpose - your reason for existence
  • Embark on a journey of Personal Re - Discovery and better understand your strengths & true potential
  • 12 transformative habits that will help you align your life with your Purpose & thus, propel you towards exponential growth
  • Techniques & Simple practices that can help you develop each of the 12 habits that can transform your life

Course Fee per person:

Special Introductory Offer -

INR2500- / INR1299/-

Course Curriculum

  • Master Class - 1 - Why this course?
  • Master Class - 2 - Discover Your Purpose - A 3 - step framework
  • Learning Byte 1 - Habit 1 - Connect with your Purpose
  • Learning Byte 2 - Habit 2 - Act on Your Inspiration
  • Learning Byte 3 - Habit 3 - Maintain Your Vision Board
  • Learning Byte 4 - Habit 4 - Handle Compulsory Commitments with grace
  • Learning Byte 5 - Habit 5 - Redefine Your Success Parameters
  • Learning Byte 6 - Habit 6 - Become A Master of Your Time
  • Learning Byte 7 - Habit 7 - Be Consistent
  • Learning Byte 8 - Habit 8 - Get an Accountability Partner
  • Learning Byte 9 - Habit 9 - Align your daily life choices
  • Learning Byte 10 - Habit 10 - Believe in Yourself as much as you believe in your Purpose
  • Learning Byte 11 - Habit 11- Whenever in dilemma, listen to your inner tutor
  • Learning Byte 12 - Habit 12 - Re- Connect, Re - Evaluate

Embark on a 12 week long journey to Personal Re - Discovery NOW!

Signing up for the course will get you started on the most transformational journeys of your life. Here are some things that will make learning a lot of fun yet profoundly experiential.

Simple Learning Format - 12 learning bytes of 20 minutes max. One learning byte per week.

Sharp & Lean Focus - Focus on developing 1 habit per week that can help you move towards your goals.

Multiple Learning Tools - A blend of concepts, self- introspection, creative visualisations & practical to dos make it impactful.

Free Coaching (Special Introductory Offer) - 2 hours of free coaching will allow for personal interaction with the facilitator.

Downloadable Progress Trackers - Keep track of your progress with charts & progress trackers with every learning byte.

Measurable Results - At the end of the course, you will not just have discovered your purpose but also achieved significant goals & milestones.

About Ranjana

Ranjana is a Leadership Development Consultant & Personal Growth Facilitator for over 15 years. She has designed, delivered thousands of programs & retreats and coached several leaders & professionals from all walks of life across India & Asia.

Her decade long experience as a Spiritual teacher coupled with a  background in Industrial Psychology allows her to skilfully blend spiritual principles with science and modern management theories in her courses & workshops. She also specialises in experiential learning methodologies and uses multiple learning tools in her courses to make learning effective & impactful. 

Ranjana co - founded Life University to serve as a vehicle to fulfil her purpose which is to help urban professionals & students across the globe to lead Purpose - Driven, Meaningful lives. 

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How to take this Course:

Click the Enrol Now button, complete the order & get instant access to the course as soon as the transaction is complete or click the Free Masterclass button above and watch the Free Masterclass.

Take the Masterclasses (available for free as well as in the full course) and use the 3 - step framework suggested in the Masterclass and identify your Purpose.

On the full course, listen to One Learning byte per week. Ideally fix a day & time every week for the Learning Byte.For Eg: Every Sunday, 8:30 a.m. Make a dedicated journal for the course.

Apply the recommended techniques & track your progress every week on the new habits & goals that you set for yourself.

Schedule your free coaching sessions a week after completion of the full course. Review your journey & evaluate your success at designing your life on Purpose.

Online Course Fee : INR 2500 /- INR1299

Special Introductory Offer!

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