~ Creating Awakened Leaders of the Future ~

Transformational Leadership Program (TLP)

For Middle & High School Students 

The TLP is an experiential leadership learning program intended to re - kindle the inherent potential and leadership attributes in young adults and ignite the seeds of transformation in them.The program is designed to help students grow emotionally, socially & intellectually and build leadership capabilities that are imperative in today’s dynamic & ever changing world.

Main Themes - Value Based Leadership, Problem Solving, Self Awareness, Personality Development, Communication

Discover your Life Purpose early on & chart your path to success! 

Purpose - Driven Coaching for Students & Fresh Graduates

Programs for Educators

Mindful Mondays

Begin your week with a 45 minute Mindfulness class on Monday mornings and watch your levels of focus, productivity & inner joy shoot up drastically!

The program will equip participants with simple yet profound tools for enhancing mental & emotional well - being through Mindfulness.

What You Will Learn:

~ How to be mindful in daily life 

~ How to build Resilience 

~ How to find your WHY and be guided by it

~ How to deal better with stress and anxiety

Social Emotional Learning

Empower your teachers to create Socially & Emotionally intelligent leaders of tomorrow !

The program aims at making the “Practice what you Preach” mantra a reality by ensuring that the teachers of the school are all in complete alignment with the principles, behaviours and competencies of SEL, thus, empowering them to deliver it impactfully to the students. 

What You Will Learn:

~ Develop a higher level of self - awareness and empathy

~ How to apply the concepts of SEL in classroom and in daily life

~ A ready tool kit that will help you deliver SEL sessions effectively in the classroom

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