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For anyone who feels ready to take their life & career to the next level. 

Is your Purpose fixed ? 

Does your Purpose need to be something big & grand? 

How can you align everything you do with your Purpose? 

Discover answers to all this and more through our 100% online program.  

Invest 20 minutes per week of your time for the next 12 weeks and get started on your journey to Personal Rediscovery & Transformation. 

Motivational Speaking

Get Your Team Inspired in less than 60 minutes! 

Whether it is that special day of recognition for your team or a team outing or your annual sales meet or just another day at work, a POWER TALK can shift the energy and give your teams the drive they need to raise their bar and exceed expectations.

Ranjana is a TEDx speaker & has motivated thousands of Leaders, Educators, Executives & Students across Asia in the last 15 years through her power - packed talks injected with real stories that connect, inspire & transform.

Corporate Programs

"Leadership & Learning are indispensable to each other." - Ralph Waldo Emerson




Our leadership development programs are focused on developing leadership competencies for junior, middle and senior leadership. From ‘First time Managers’ to ‘Executive Leadership’, we offer a host of programs that help in developing effective leaders who are capable in leading from the heart from a space of wholeness and thus create winning teams.



Behavioural transformation is rooted in changing mindsets through challenging our deep rooted beliefs systems. Our programs on Behavioural Transformation offer powerful and tested frameworks that help you to recognise limiting beliefs, challenge & eventually change them successfully, thus, enabling you to create a 'New You'. A 'New You' that is highly empathetic, effective & productive in life & at work. 



Our Inner Leadership programs stem from the awareness that great leaders are not born, however everyone has inherent strengths that can be harnessed and developed into potential leadership competencies. At Life University, our expertise lies in helping leaders to identify and unleash their greatest potential and thus, help them see life beyond the mundane & align it with their higher Purpose.


Flagship Programs

Leadership Development

  • Leaders as Coaches
  • Effective Leadership in the Digital Age
  • Developing & Leading Hi - performing teams
  • Purpose driven Leadership
  • First time leader program 

Behavioural Transformation

  • Personal Effectiveness Program
  • Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • The Art of Assertiveness
  • Being Shakti - A Program for Women who are committed to being the best version of themselves

Inner Leadership 

  • Building Resilience through Mindfulness
  • From Stress to Aliveness
  • Awakening the Inner Leader
  • Design Your Life on Purpose

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