Stepping into Freedom

Your  ultimate doorway to emotional freedom & happiness!

Join us for a Virtual Retreat on

26 - 27 December 2020 || 3 to 5 p.m.

Here is what you will learn from our live virtual retreat:

  • Techniques to identify & release your emotional baggage
  • How to exercise the Power of Personal Responsibility & take charge of your life
  • Self - Inquiry - the unique path to discover 'Who Am I' - the key to Emotional Well - Being
  • Techniques to access your inner freedom & use it to make choices in life

Workshop Fee per attendee: Free

NOTE - Link to join the retreat will be emailed to you 24 hours prior to the retreat.

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Don't allow the Pandemic situation to decide your Destiny in 2021, take charge, step into freedom & be the Master of your life!

This Retreat will help you understand -

Why you should commit to your own Personal Growth 

How Emotional Freedom is real freedom & the key to your happiness

How being Emotionally free allows you to be Creative

How to Be in the state of 'Flow'

Mindfulness for Self - Awareness

Your illusions about yourself and how to break free from them

About Ranjana

Ranjana is a Leadership Development Consultant & Personal Growth Facilitator for over 15 years. She has designed, delivered thousands of programs & retreats and coached several leaders & professionals from all walks of life across India & Asia.

Her decade long experience as a Spiritual teacher coupled with a  background in Industrial Psychology allows her to skilfully blend spiritual principles with science and modern management theories in her courses & workshops. She also specialises in experiential learning methodologies and uses multiple learning tools in her courses to make learning effective & impactful. 

Ranjana co - founded Life University to serve as a vehicle to fulfill her purpose which is to help urban professionals & students across the globe to lead Purpose - Driven, Meaningful lives. 

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